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Neodj Pro

Neodj Pro

Description | Screenshot | Comments (1) | Download

View screenshot of Neodj ProNEODJ PRO is one software package that enables anyone to remix MP3s and Music CD's with a PC. Tempo adjustment, automatic beat matching, cross fader, equalizer, filters and loops make the mixing with NEODJ easier and more exciting than ever before. Mix and perform your .MP3 and .WAV files in REAL TIME, for any event, party, radio broadcast, or create and record MP3 mixes at home.

The program has advanced preview functions: when a song is playing in master (speakers) the user can listen in headphones the next song or any other one, and can change different parameters before sending it to audition. You can also listen in headphones the master song and the next one to come in perfect synchronization, to see how the two songs overlap.

A three channels equalizer allows modifying the sound in each player. There is a powerful real time effect block that can apply the desired effect to the sound. The playback speed can be changed using the pitch slider in each player.

Dance music has a synthesized, regular rhythm which defines a specific number of beats per minute (BPM). Using it's revolutionary algorithm, NeoDJ can detect on the fly, a very precise BPM for all genres. When changing the pitch, the songs BPM is also changed and the changes are instantly displayed resulting a complete interactivity. The program calculates song's rhythm (BPM) and saves it for future use - no human interaction necessary!

NEODJ Pro has an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you automate common tasks like volume adjustment and beat mixing, or apply a high degree of control over every aspect of your mix. You can easily define your own sound by applying audio effects. NEODJ Pro also features reverse play and other tricks to help you create the best-sounding mixes ever.

-MP3, WAVE and Audio CD player with professional sound quality
-Multichannel and second soundcard support
-Capture loops
-Live Recording in MP3 format
-3 bands equalizer
-Reverse play
-4 effects can be assigned on each mixer channel and changed in real time
-Auto Cross Fader
-Manual Cross Fader
-File Info Box (MP3 ID3 Tags)
-Fast CD Player with pitch and volume control
-No special Hardware needed
-Compatible with most Sound Cards
-Rip Audio CDs
-Convert audio files between different formats
-Burn Audio CDs from MP3 and WAV files (Windows XP)
-Fast multithreaded buffered CD-Ripping
-Audio CD - Recording
-Tempo Adjustment, Automatic Beat Matching ...

Download Neodj Pro Now Download Neodj Pro

As Fast As Possible Audio DSP As Fast As Possible Audio DSP
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Replacement Windows Sound Mixer applet with hot keys and Winamp support

AudioStreamer AudioStreamer
AudioStreamer enables you to receive and record radio stations from the web.

sfArk SoundFont Compression sfArk SoundFont Compression
sfArk compresses SoundFont files for the purpose of saving disk space and transmission time when sent via email or other form of file transfer such as downloading from a web site.

Metronome Metronome
This is a simple metronome. It comes with six homemade sounds (.Wav files), but you can add your own too.

PSR General Midi Control PSR General Midi Control
Allows users of Yamaha PSR keyboards to change voices, settings, and effects from their computer. Lets you use pitch wheel and modulation on the cheaper PSRs.

Download Neodj Pro Now Download Neodj Pro

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Version: 3.1
Released: Sep, 29 2004
License: Shareware, $29.90
Expires: 60 min

File size: 2,890 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98
Downloads: 456

NEODJ PRO is one software package that enables anyone to remix MP3s and Music CD's with a PC. Tempo adjustment, automatic beat matching, cross fader, equalizer, filters and loops make the mixing with NEODJ easier and more exciting than ever before.


Neodj Pro page at FreewareSeek

Developer: NEODJ

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